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Our Mission

The Georgia Employee Association (GEA) is dedicated to providing advocacy, representation and information for Georgia's Employees. GEA is committed to facilitate statewide economic growth in an equitable atmosphere that respects profit and protects people.


GEA has advocated for proper healthcare benefits and higher wage benefits for Georgia's Employees at the Georgia General Assembly.


GEA has informed the community, civic organizations and church groups by hosting employee educational workshops and seminars. GEA also host TV and radio programs and other public employee forums.


GEA offers representation where an employee would otherwise have no one to turn to in difficult times of need or job related conflicts.

Over 75% of Georgia's employees do not have any formal representation of support. They are exposed to whatever other interest groups do or say.


GEA provides an environment that encourages employees to build strong and meaningful relationships to accomplish better benefits and meet common goals. Peer support help employees to cope with on the job stress, injuries, discrimination or other conflicts in a positive manner. An employee does not have to feel alone or be alone during such times.


GEA offers qualified referrals to reputable and conscientious professionals. An employee will handle situations with respect and confidence when he or she knows that professional help is readily available at critical times when needed.


GEA offers individual employee membership or affiliate membership for groups and other organizations.


The overall goal of the Georgia Employee Association(GEA) is to teach, serve and protect the employees of Georgia through any means available and possible. Presently we are fighting for new legislation to be put in place to better protect Georgia's employees.

With this in mind, lets move forward to accomplish these goals, which can only make Georgia a better place for all of us!

Feel free to contact Georgia Employee Association (GEA) if you have any questions about the following:

(1) Are your employee rights being denied?

(2) Are your experiencing extreme stress in the workplace?

(3) Are your experiencing gender discrimination?

(4) Do you need mediatory services?

(5) Do you need peer support?

(6) Do you need advocacy?

(7) Do you need information or referral services?

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